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Carl Rosenfeld


PSC 605
Physics and Astronomy
University of South Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina 29208
(803) 777-8145


  • Ph. D., California Institute of Technology (1977)
  • S.B. with major in physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1966)

Research Interests

My experience is predominantly in the area of e+ e- annihilation at high energy. This method of particle production has been richly rewarding in the study of the charmed quark, the tau lepton and the b quark. As a member of the CLEO Collaboration I examined (4S) data from the Cornell Electron Storage Ring for the possibility that the b quark decays exotically. It doesn't. Currently our high energy group participates in the AMY Collaboration, which studies e+ e- annihilation at the higher energy of the TRISTAN collider in Tsukuba Japan. Our analyses focus on measurement of -Z interference, which is nearly maximal in the TRISTAN energy range.

Two future research projects in which I will participate will both be carried out in neutrino beams at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago. Experiment E872, which will see first beam in 1996, seeks to observe for the first time the transition of the t-flavor neutrino to the lepton. In the E803 oscillation experiment, -flavor neutrinos that oscillate to -flavor neutrinos would be detected in a nuclear emulsion target. The observation of this rare process would address the question of whether neutrinos have finite mass and whether the tau neutrino might constitute part of the dark matter that closes the universe. E803 anticipates first beam in 2000.

Our group has a continuing interest in instrumentation for particle physics experiments. We designed and built the trigger system for the AMY detector, and we have developed electronic modules for use in data acquisition systems. We are presently exploring a few ideas in basic detector technology.

Selected Publications

  • "Ruling Out Exotic Models of b-Quark Decay," The CLEO Collaboration, Physics Letters, 122B, 317 (1983).
  • "Scalar-Quark Bound-State Interpretation of the (8.3)," S.-H.H. Tye and C. Rosenfeld, Physical Review Letters, 53, 2215 (1984).
  • "Observation of Anomalous Production of Muon Pairs in e+ e- Annihilation into Four-Lepton Final States," Y.H. Ho et al. (the AMY Collaboration), Physics Letters, B244, 573 (1990).
  • "CAMAC Staggered Memory Look-up Module and ECL Fan-in for Fast Trigger Applications," C. Rosenfeld, A.T.M. Wang, S.R. Wilson, L.Y. Zheng, and K.W. Broome, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 39, 848 (1992).
  • "Measurements of Cross-Section and Charge Asymmetry for e+ e- +- and e+ e- +- at = 57.8 GeV," C. Velissaris et al, (the AMY Collaboration), Physics Letters, B331, 227 (1994).