Regular Faculty

Name Office Phone Email WEB Position
Altschul, Brett D. PSC 703 803-777-4985 email   Associate Professor
Avignone III, Frank PSC 607 803-777-6933 email   Carolina Endowed Professor of Physics and Astronomy
Bazaliy, Yaroslaw PSC 407 803-777-9449 email   Associate Professor
Crawford, Thomas M. Sumwalt 123A 803-777-7151 email   Professor
Creswick, Richard J. PSC 509 803-777-3766 email   Professor
Crittenden, Scott R. Sumwalt 116 803-777-7607 email link Associate Professor
Datta, Timir PSC 501 803-777-2075 email   Professor
Gothe, Ralf PSC 704D 803-777-9025 email link Professor
Guiseppe, Vincente PSC 606A 803-777-2673 email   Assistant Professor
Gudkov, Vladimir PSC 401 803-576-5573 email link Professor
Ilieva, Yordanka PSC 711C 803-777-2887 email   Professor
Kubodera, Kuniharu PSC 702F 803-777-5274 email   Professor
Kulkarni, Varsha PSC 505 803-777-6293 email link Professor
Kunchur, Milind N. PSC 303 803-777-1907 email link Professor
Mazur, Pawel PSC 705 803-777-7289 email   Professor
Mishra, Sanjib PSC 604A 803-576-5848 email   Professor
Myhrer, Fred PSC 707 803-777-2087 email link Professor
Pershin, Yuriy PSC 503 803-777-5073 email   Associate Professor
Petti, Roberto PSC 601 803-777-6830 email   Professor
Purohit, Milind PSC 609 803-777-6996 email link Professor
Rosenfeld, Carl PSC 605 803-777-8145 email   Professor
Schindler, Matthias PSC 403 803-777-6089 email link Associate Professor
Strauch, Steffen PSC 706B 803-777-8197 email link Professor
Tedeschi, David PSC 709 803-777-1132 email   Professor
Webb, Richard A. Sumwalt 125 803-777-9987 email   The Center of Excellence Professorship in Experimental Nanoscale Physics and The John M. Palms Bicentennial Chair
Wilson, Jeff PSC 603 803-777-4650 email   Associate Professor
Wu, Yanwen PSC 507 803-576-6066 email   Assistant Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Name Email Position
Yakir Aharonov   USC Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Physics
Au, C. K. e-mail Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Blanpied, Gary S.   Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Edge, Ronald D. email Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Farach, Horacio email Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Johnson, Joseph E. email Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Jones, Edwin R. email Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Knight, James email Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Preedom, Barry email Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Safko, John L. email Distinguished Professor Emeritus


Name Office Phone Email WEB Position
Gharanfoli, Soheila PSC 007A 803-576-6235 email   Instructor
Mowery, Alex Melton Memorial Observatory 803-777-4180 email   Part-Time Instructor
Overcash, Dan Melton Memorial Observatory 803-777-4180 email   Part-Time Instructor